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Some smart hints about the bankroll management which cannot be found during playing free slots


We aren’t going to teach you or give senseless educational advises because if you are interesting in the slots you should be an adult who knows the price of money and the responsibility for its thoughtless spending. However you may need some help in the management of your bankroll because a lot of players statistically are choosing the wrong way of the gambling because they wrongly interpret the principles of the one-armed bandits. Of course you can do anything you want if you choose free slots at the cosy website but you have to play prudently if you sit at the paid slots in the real or online casino.

The bankroll is the amount of money that you can spend during the playing session. The most of players are limiting their bankroll because of necessity to control their expenditures. Of course you count on some profit but this is the game and you cannot be sure that it will go in the right way. The most popular and simple strategy depends on the result of the current spins. If your last spin was successful you have to sequentially increase your bet until the unfortunate spin. This scheme is based on the assumption that the random number generator “doesn’t care” about the even distribution of the wins so the probability of the consequent winning spins is theoretically more 50 percent. But remember that some “successful” spins are giving the prize that is equal to your bet. You can vary the described strategy by playing it back to front: increase the bet after the loss and decrease it after the payout.

Another kind of scheme for the slots is not based on the results of your session. This strategy is the favorite of the conservative players. You should only increase your bets sequentially and start decreasing them after the spending of the half of your bankroll. This strategy won’t guarantee you anything but it helps in the planning of your expenditures.

Also you can try schemes which are based on the changing of the “unsuccessful” slot machines. You should determine the number of slots for one session and divide your bankroll accordingly. After the loss of the appointed amount for this machine you may continue playing at it if your balance is positive. Don’t forget to test these strategies on the free slots to find the scheme that suits you the most.

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